Month: July 2020


The IPL that will happen this year is not only big but it will be huge for the whole world. Whom the whole world will celebrate In IPL. There be not only discussion of viewership but also the return of cricket. Whom we call Galaxy Of Stars . Today officially UAE has agreed that will organize Indian Premier League this also . The kind of situation in India and all over the world.  I P L will bring a very positive impact for people . But this year may not see Crowed for IPL . Nothing can be said can be seen . It is all about on UAE government how much crowed they allow in Indian Premier League match. This is going to be the biggest event in the entire cricket history . UAE made half the preparations. Hotels is also been booking .   
This time the I P L will be the best, the reason behind this is not cricket. England and West Indies matches were seen, the reason behind this is not a cricket.The reason behind this is that we have not done anything in the past 4 months.There was a time when there were so many good matches but nobody would have seen that match.Today there are carvings for the match . Secondly, this time the IPL is happening in the festive season, which was not done.And when this time India matches, the TRP goes up. This is also the reason why IPL is happening at this time, that is why many people will tighten it. And people in Pandemic during Pandemic and after Pandamic people need some thing to be busy.This time, the IPL will be very entertaining and most Consuming . This time the IPL will be entertained or not, it is not known but it will definitely be Most Watched and will consume by whole world.It will also be very important for IPL players. Competition of this IPL will be hard.


The issue is serious because BCCI has decided on IPL. And the decision has been taken that there are more chances of IPL.
There will be no T-20 World Cup, now the path is clear foShoaib Akhtar on IPLr IPL. The good thing is that now Clarity has arrived that the T-20 World Cup will not be played. BCCI has a way to plan and complete the paper work with government.But if we talk about allover the world.Then different countries are talking differently about the World Cup. We will also talk about Pakistan.In Pakistan there are arguments which is currently going on. First is Asia Cup is also supposed to be organised. And second argument is T-20 is cancel .
The old players and commentators of Pakistan are saying that PCB has become weak and BCCI is ruling the whole world. It is BCCI’s conspirency that they cancelled T-20 World cup so that they can organise IPL. . He said that BCCI had also canceled the Asia Cup. If IPL happens then it may   clash between the tournament of England and Pakistan. This time due to COVID-19 India’s player are shortly in fear .Pakistan was the host of Asia Cup and later they transferred to Sri Lanka . Shoaib Aktar  had said in a show that BCCI has become so powerful that he can finish world cricket. And old cricketers and Commentators said same for IPL . In the show, Shoaib Akhtar had said a good thing that you have to build your own house . And India did the same, what did you do wrong.The Asia Cup could have happened, but you look at its logistic from Sri Lanka and what is the system of the Quarantine in it ? secondly, because of Covid 19, India has not started playing the ongoing match . And you cannot send your players without practice.
Asia Cricket Council is a vote bank.And where majority is organized according to that.
BCCI has to be given credit that BBCI did not announce that T20 and Asia Cup were canceled without official notice.  Some people of India are speaking on social media that IPL means Festival of India, so it should be done in India only . But in this first 2009 and 2014 IPL was not held in India but all we see.
And the amount of money that comes from this, the government gets taxed, the Ranji Trophy match is held.


After taking wicket.


In 2019 World Cup, India played a match which they lost.That was very much in the headlines on that day. India played that match against England. Match was held on june 30 2019 .If we see the overall match, then  there was no difference on India.  According to the England opener, he scored 160 runs in 20 overs.England ended their inning on score of 377.India then got a target of 338 to chase. England was that England which was playing for the last 2 years.  England was under pressure. If England lost that match then they could not continue their journey in world cup. The placement of the semifinal is very good.There will hardly be a team that loses its league match to a bigger team in the World Cup.And take the risk too.

In India’s inning  Kl Rahul went to dressing room on score of 0 . Rohit and Virat Kohli started with a little pressure. Number 1,2,3 is only the power of Indian cricket team. Virat kohli ot out then after  Rohit  Sharma made his century. We all know after scoring a century how dangerous Rohit looks. Rohit’s dismissal was a big blow for Indian team. After that Rishav Pant batted a little faster and he was also out. There came a time when Dhoni was batting but he was not the MSD we knew. India shutter down in the last 5 overs. Kedar Jadhav scored 12 runs off 13 balls . Dhoni was not playing well at that time and India lost the match.India did not harm after losing the match.After this match Pakistan experts made statements on Indian

Team management reinstated Kedar Jhadav after the match.Team management  have fear  of  statements which would made by  experts of Pakistan.England moved a step closer to World cup after that match. Pakistan got disqualified from World cup.INDIA’S PRIDE KHO-KHO



CRICKET FULL NAME                 Brian Lara

BORN                           May 2,1969
PLACE                          Cantaro santa cruz

NATION                     West indies

BATTING STYLE       Left Handed

BOWLING STYLE     Leg breaker googly


                                    WORLD CUP – NA


                                     WORLD CUP-NA

TEAM PLAYED         West indies, Mumbai champs, Nothern,Southern Rocks, Trinida,


CAREER SPAN               TEST {1990-2006}  ODI {1990-2007} WORLD CUP{1990-2007}


At the age of six Brain Lara took admission in Harvad Coaching Center for cricket trainig,where he learnt his game. He played Trinidad’s junior football and table tennis side at his school but there was only cricket which really drew him. But that was the tremendous performance  at the age of 14. He made 745 runs at 126.1 and this was not enough after that he was selected in Trinidad under-16 team.And that was a great news for him that he was selected for U-19 team of West indies as well as he was selected as the youngest caption of West indies. After becoming caption lead them to victory in the Geddes Grant Shield, and in same year he made his test debut scoring 44 and 6 against Pakistan.

First thing about Lara is that he batsman and as an entertainer of his era.Lara was equally efficient against spin and pace.
Within two months in 1994 Lara’s 375 and 501 not out broke world records of test and firsyt class scores.
Lara recaped his genius by single-defying the 1998-99 Austraillian tourists with the sequence 213,8,153 not out and 100.After this Lara returned to his performance and scored 221,130 and in one test and 668 runs against Sri Lanka in 2001-02 series.

                                                        Cricket Career Information


Test Debut-  vs Pakistan at Gaddafi stadium, Dec 06 , 1990

Last Test–    vs Pakistan at National stadium Nov 27,2006
cricket legend Brian Lara

ODI Debut– vs Pakistan at National stadium Nov 09,1990

Last ODI— Vs England at Kensington oval April 21,2007