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“One Mistake Could Spoil Whole Tournament”: RCB Ahead of IPL Virat Kohli Warns Team

Virat Kohli warned his Bangalore teammates of the Royal Challengers that . They would not be able to breach the IPL bio-bubble because it could ruin the tournament .
Whole squad of RCB
One mistake could “spoil” the entire tournament, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain Virat Kohli . He told his colleagues at the RCB’s first virtual team meeting on Monday .  While imploring them to do whatever they could to keep the bio-bubble free . It was a team meeting like no other .  But Kohli meant business straight away as he urged his colleagues to follow strictly . The protocols developed by the UAE authorities .  The venue for the upcoming IPL edition, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.
We have followed what has been  told to us and I would expect us to be on the same page at all times to protect the bubble and make sure nothing is breached, “Kohli  said  .
Because I think all of us might literally ruin the entire tournament with one mistake . So we don’t want to do that.’
RCB ‘s cricket operations director Mike Hesson, who attended the meeting along with head coach Simon Katich . He spoke about the repercussions of breaking the rules.
“We will deal with it (violation) very seriously . Players  removed and sent in isolation for seven days for accidental violation  . And then return only after negative tests, “Hesson said.
“When players want to do that (violate protocols), there will be strong consequences. Players must sign a contract which outlines the consequences.”
Kohli said, “We need to realize we have to secure the bubble.”
From the first day, the RCB captain highlighted the need to build a strong team culture.”I can’t wait to enter our first practice session, something that we can all enjoy. An opportunity to build a strong Day 1 team culture,” Kohli said.
“For me it’s all about what I can do to create an environment .  Where everyone feels a part of the team equally .  And where we want to go equally, everyone feels responsible.
“And I think we all have to contribute to that   . Firstly, the seniors in the team . So let’s  things started on the right note .”
Moved out of India due to the pandemic .  The 13th edition of the IPL is going to played from September 19 to November 10 .  At the three venues in Dubai , Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, the UAE.
The players are currently in a mandatory six-day quarantine that is consistent with the BCCI approved standard operating procedure.
According to the protocols all players will be checked on days one . Three and six of the quarantine and players returning negative in all three tests .  They will be eligible to join the bio-bubble tournament.
They will subsequently be checked every fifth day of the tournament .  Before departure for the UAE, the players and support staff were checked several times .

IPL title sponsor: Dream 11 replaces Vivo as sponsor of the IPL 2020 title, to pay BCCI Rs 222 crore

Fantasy gaming sports network Dream 11 has replaced Vivo as Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 . Title sponsor to be played at UAE.
Dream 11 was revealed Tuesday by the Control Board for Cricket in India ( BCCI) as the official title sponsor for the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) edition . The move comes after Vivo-the Chinese smartphone maker . Which had signed a 5-year contract in 2018, was recently suspended by the Indian board of title sponsors . While the BCCI received Rs 440 crore from Vivo .  Dream XI will pay BCCI 222 crore for the upcoming edition-to be played in the UAE . Which is played between September 19 and November 10 .
This year Dream 11 will take sponsorship of IPL 2020
Brijesh Patel, the Chairman of the Indian Premier League ( IPL), announced that Dream 11 will pay BCCI Rs 222 crore . Two educational technology companies— BYJUs (201 crore) . Unacademy (170 crore)— came in second and third respectively . While the Tata group didn’t put a final bid . The challenge for the BCCI was to find a new sponsor for the 13th edition, with not much time left . However, given IPL ‘s popularity, many brands were keen to replace Vivo as the title sponsor, and showed interest . Since the 2020 season title sponsorship deal will be for just a few months .  The BCCI had to seal a deal that was close to 50 percent of what it got from Vivo .
The deal also comes as a big blow to all eight franchises .  As the Indian board shares 50 percent of the total amount of all eight franchises it receives from the title sponsor . Although all eight franchises earned Rs 55 crore each at IPL 2019 .  The franchises will have to settle for the upcoming season for an sum of Rs 27.75 crore apiece .
         How BCCI suspended Vivo contract
The decision was taken shortly after Vivo ‘s title sponsorship contract with the BCCI . Which had been suspended for IPL 2020 following the Indo-China conflict in the Galwan Valley .Where 20 Indian soldiers were martyred . The burden was on BCCI to let go of Vivo as title sponsor after 59 Chinese apps were banned in India by the Indian Government .
Soon after the incident in Galwan Valley occurred  . BCCI took to social media to confirm that it would review its sponsorship deal .
“Taking note of the border skirmish that resulted in our brave jawans being martyred . The IPL Governing Council convened a meeting next week to review the various sponsorship deals made by IPL,” . BCCI said in a tweet posted on June 19 .
However, the BCCI had retained Vivo as the title sponsor after the IPL Governing Council meeting that was recently concluded . It caused public outrage, and given the country ‘s feelings against Chinese brands and products, the BCCI finally had to suspend the deal with Vivo.As title sponsor for IPL 2021 Vivo is expected to make a comeback.

Chinese Sponsor VIVO will not sponsor this year IPL.

The big news is that  VIVO  has lifted the title sponsorship from the I P L.  This year, you will not see V i v o’s sponsorship on I P L . VIVO has  removed due to Public Sentiments .Everyone was saying that IPL should be boycotted because  V I V O is a Chinese company . BCCI will float a tender in the next 1,2 days . For those who bead and who will be the biggest bead, they get title sponsorship  of IPL . And it’s going to be in the 19th of September . One thing is also that V I V O is not completely removed from the IPL sponsorship . Vivo has said that this year they have had some problems in Vivo’s sale this year. For the past few months, they have not been selling V I V O for sale .
That’s why they want something cut . They want  that the amount of sponsorship this time is low.
This time vivo is not going to sponsor IPL 13
But BCCI said that this year you should not take sponsorship. This was a 5-year deal between BCCI , IPL and Vivo .This was the second year .Now if V I V O comes in I P L, it will be in 2021 and till 2023 . The deal that V I V O will not sponsor this year is for this year only.There was a deal of about 2200 crores for this 5 years, between IPL and Vivo. V I V O has given 440 to IPL. Vivo is giving 440 crore to IPL every year as IPL sponshership .
It is a matter of thinking that Vivo was giving 440 crores to IPL, will anyone else be able to give. Someone who can give 440 crores for this 53 days tournament which is happening in UAE. And we know that there is also a public sentiments that we should ban apps from China. V I V O has taken this decision himself. BCCIofficially announces that V I V O will not sponsor this year. And we know that there is also a public sentiments that we should ban apps from China. Vivo has taken this decision himself. BCCI officially announces that Vivo will not sponsor this year.

Why BCCI cancelled the camp of team India?


camp that was  talked about by BCCI has been cancelled . What can  be the reason behind this ?

The camp which is in Ahemdabad for the contracted players had been made up or not, nothing can be said . BCCI had said in the epic meeting that he will organize a camp for the contracted player, he has not ruled out yet . The franchise has to give 4 weeks to the players or not to practice . Whoever has not seen bat and ball for so many days . He should get so much time  . BCCI did not announce that he has set up Camp 6 August , on 3 August or 10 August, and for this, the franchise will not be sitting .  And the franchise is saying that there is no information about what will happen to the IPL. The franchise says I take my team . He would get his player to practice the net and get the Quarantine done . Will get 4 more practice matches  and it has more chances.

But in the meeting with the Governing council on August 2, many things will be cleared . This is the case, it has been becoming confusing for the last 1 ,2 months. The thing is that the official announcement of the series of T20 was delayed. And the second thing is that BCCI’s secretory which is Jai Shankar’s tenure is over in June . And Sourav Ganguly’s remarks ended on July 27 officially .

There will be clarity in the meeting that will be held on August 2  .IPL is not so easy to get done . Is it proactive or hyperactive? It has to be seen . There is Governing Council meeting is followed by another meeting which will be held with the franchise and after this with broadcaster .This is extraordinary circumstances. This is not the kind of shift that was played in 2004 and 2019.The world is stuck here and a lot of simmering issues are happening. Governing Council . He should have taken the decision on IPL first. Then send it to BCCI.

If all this is removed, chances are very less at the camp in Ahmedabad.


The IPL that will happen this year is not only big but it will be huge for the whole world. Whom the whole world will celebrate In IPL. There be not only discussion of viewership but also the return of cricket. Whom we call Galaxy Of Stars . Today officially UAE has agreed that will organize Indian Premier League this also . The kind of situation in India and all over the world.  I P L will bring a very positive impact for people . But this year may not see Crowed for IPL . Nothing can be said can be seen . It is all about on UAE government how much crowed they allow in Indian Premier League match. This is going to be the biggest event in the entire cricket history . UAE made half the preparations. Hotels is also been booking .   
This time the I P L will be the best, the reason behind this is not cricket. England and West Indies matches were seen, the reason behind this is not a cricket.The reason behind this is that we have not done anything in the past 4 months.There was a time when there were so many good matches but nobody would have seen that match.Today there are carvings for the match . Secondly, this time the IPL is happening in the festive season, which was not done.And when this time India matches, the TRP goes up. This is also the reason why IPL is happening at this time, that is why many people will tighten it. And people in Pandemic during Pandemic and after Pandamic people need some thing to be busy.This time, the IPL will be very entertaining and most Consuming . This time the IPL will be entertained or not, it is not known but it will definitely be Most Watched and will consume by whole world.It will also be very important for IPL players. Competition of this IPL will be hard.