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Former captain of India MS Dhoni is retiring from international cricket .

MS Dhoni declared on Saturday his retirement from international cricket .  He pulled down the curtain on his impressive 15-year career as an Indian cricketer . He announced his retirement from all forms of cricket .  MS Dhoni played international cricket as one of the greatest wicketkeepers and his record speaks for itself . The 39-year-old last played semi-final defeat to New Zealand at Old Trafford . In Manchester for India in the 2019 World Cup, held on July 9 and 10 over two days  .

MS Dhoni wrote on Instagram post of a montage  with the national team “Thanks a lot for ur love .  And he also said told about their  encouragement throughout from 1929 hours find me as Retired.”

MSD took retirement from international form of cricket
MSD took retirement from international form of cricket

Dhoni, who revealed that he had withdrawn from Tests in 2014, has played 350 ODIs and 98 T20Is.

He , who revealed that he had withdrawn from Tests in 2014, has played 350 ODIs and 98 T20Is.

He added another feather to his hat in January 2019 .  Ms Dhoni  became fifth Indian and twelfth overall in ODI history to score 10,000 runs .  The former Indian skipper reached the milestone at the Sydney Cricket Ground on January 12 during first ODI against Australia .

He joined Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, Kumar Sangakkara, Sanath Jayasuriya and Brian Lara .  The former Indian skipper reached the milestone at the Sydney Cricket Ground on January 12 during first ODI against Australia.

Dhoni ‘s career has been a hot talk subject since his cricket sabbatical from India’s World Cup exit . He has not played any sort of cricket in the last year since the loss in New Zealand . Indicating he might have played his last colors in India .  Nonetheless, he  will feature in the IPL where he will be captaining the Chennai Super Kings in the 13th season . Going to held  in  UAE  . He burst onto the scene as a 23-year-old batsman, making his India debut in an ODI . And against Bangladesh in December 2004  is Ms Dhoni .  Dhons, following a disappointing World Cup 2007 in the West Indies.

After a disappointing 2007 World Cup in the West Indies .  Dhoni was tasked with playing the first ever T20 World Cup in South Africa with a youthful Indian side . Where India defeated Pakistan in a riveting final to win the trophy . Dhoni ‘s career as batsman and captain .  MSD took off from there and reached unprecedented heights . He led India to Australia’s CB tri-series victory in March 2008 defeating the hosts in back to  back finals . He shepherded India to the top of ICC Test Championships in 2009, establishing him long as India’s best captain . MSD shepherded India to the top of ICC Test Championships in 2009, establishing him long as India’s best captain.

Why BCCI cancelled the camp of team India?


camp that was  talked about by BCCI has been cancelled . What can  be the reason behind this ?

The camp which is in Ahemdabad for the contracted players had been made up or not, nothing can be said . BCCI had said in the epic meeting that he will organize a camp for the contracted player, he has not ruled out yet . The franchise has to give 4 weeks to the players or not to practice . Whoever has not seen bat and ball for so many days . He should get so much time  . BCCI did not announce that he has set up Camp 6 August , on 3 August or 10 August, and for this, the franchise will not be sitting .  And the franchise is saying that there is no information about what will happen to the IPL. The franchise says I take my team . He would get his player to practice the net and get the Quarantine done . Will get 4 more practice matches  and it has more chances.

But in the meeting with the Governing council on August 2, many things will be cleared . This is the case, it has been becoming confusing for the last 1 ,2 months. The thing is that the official announcement of the series of T20 was delayed. And the second thing is that BCCI’s secretory which is Jai Shankar’s tenure is over in June . And Sourav Ganguly’s remarks ended on July 27 officially .

There will be clarity in the meeting that will be held on August 2  .IPL is not so easy to get done . Is it proactive or hyperactive? It has to be seen . There is Governing Council meeting is followed by another meeting which will be held with the franchise and after this with broadcaster .This is extraordinary circumstances. This is not the kind of shift that was played in 2004 and 2019.The world is stuck here and a lot of simmering issues are happening. Governing Council . He should have taken the decision on IPL first. Then send it to BCCI.

If all this is removed, chances are very less at the camp in Ahmedabad.


The IPL that will happen this year is not only big but it will be huge for the whole world. Whom the whole world will celebrate In IPL. There be not only discussion of viewership but also the return of cricket. Whom we call Galaxy Of Stars . Today officially UAE has agreed that will organize Indian Premier League this also . The kind of situation in India and all over the world.  I P L will bring a very positive impact for people . But this year may not see Crowed for IPL . Nothing can be said can be seen . It is all about on UAE government how much crowed they allow in Indian Premier League match. This is going to be the biggest event in the entire cricket history . UAE made half the preparations. Hotels is also been booking .   
This time the I P L will be the best, the reason behind this is not cricket. England and West Indies matches were seen, the reason behind this is not a cricket.The reason behind this is that we have not done anything in the past 4 months.There was a time when there were so many good matches but nobody would have seen that match.Today there are carvings for the match . Secondly, this time the IPL is happening in the festive season, which was not done.And when this time India matches, the TRP goes up. This is also the reason why IPL is happening at this time, that is why many people will tighten it. And people in Pandemic during Pandemic and after Pandamic people need some thing to be busy.This time, the IPL will be very entertaining and most Consuming . This time the IPL will be entertained or not, it is not known but it will definitely be Most Watched and will consume by whole world.It will also be very important for IPL players. Competition of this IPL will be hard.


Table of contents
1.Tracing the roots of Kho-Kho
2.History of Kho-Kho
3.Common terms in Kho-Kho
4. Area of play
5.Rule book
6.How to play kho-kho
7.Duties of Defender
8.Duties of chaser
9. Skill Required in kho-kho
10.Kho-kho Tournaments
11.Kho-Kho Award

Kho-Kho is the traditional sports in the country.Fact about the this game is: The position of the players sitting is random or in alternative directions.The game requires immense stamina and speed.

           Tracing the roots of Kho Kho

Kho Kho is a tag game of our country. Its roots are old as epic Mahabatrat.The game during old-age times involved ‘raths’and charoits and was named as Rathera.

                      History of Kho Kho

The Asian kho kho federation first came into existance in 1987 at the time of third SAF Games in India.This game gained international credit with first Asian kho ho championship which was organised in Kolkata in 1996. Next championship was hld in 2000 which added shine to the game.Most of countries participate in kho-kho championship such as Pakistan,Bangladesh,Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

           Common terms in Kho Kho

Pole: A wooden cylindrical construction,erected firlmy at both sides of grpound.

Chaser:The sitting team who tries to catch opponent team members who is running.
Chaser always sit in the square box and distance between all boxes is 1 meter.

Runner:The player of opposition who saves himself from being catch by chaser.

Central lane : Two parallel lines from one pole to other.

Cross lane : The parallel lanes cutting central line at the middle of playing area.

Kho: The word Kho is actually as given by one chaser to another.

              Area of play

Taking dimension ,the playground of Kho Kho is about 29 meters long and 16 meters wide.It is in rectangular form.
At the each side of rectangle it has two areas measuring about 16 meters and 2.75 meters in width. There are 8 parallel lines between these two wooden pillar .Kho Kho ground consist 2 poles and a free zone in which chaser can move in any direction and cath  runner. It is a benificial point for chesser.

                 Rule book

Each team consist 12 players in which 9 are playing players and otrher 3 players is extra player. I n case of emergency player can be replaced.

Each inning will have 9 minutes which includes both running and chasing.
The chasing team sits in middle of the court in a row.Each player sit in alternative direction.

The chaser will touch the nearest possible player on his/her back and say ‘Kho’ to give him a chance to chase.
Team that takes the shortest amount of time to touch player chasd is announced as a winner

             How to play Kho Kho

.Both team consists 9 players, before

Kho-Kho match

start of game both team caption will have a toss, toss winning caption will choose either they will do running or chasing .
If winnig team decides to chase they set up 8 members team to chase opposite team in the fixed time of match.
There will be two innings provided for all teams.

            Duties of Defender

Defender must be quick.Defender team should highly possess qualities that is stamina and speed.They should have suficient ammount of stamina to protect themselves to being catch by chaser

             Duties of Chaser

Chasers are the opposition of Defender. Those aim to catch or touch the defender.Chasers have moto to catch runner as soon as they can do, maximun cathch of runner helps them in next inning as bonus points.

            Skills Required in Kho Kho

Judgement of direction is one of the most important skill which should be in all players of team.Skill proves that how fast you can decide in which directon they have to move.You must be responsible with your teammates.

                        National Championships

The national championship for kho kho is the oldest Domestic Kho Kho tournaments in India .The Championship happens at three different categories -senior,junior and sub-junior.

                     National Women Championship

The national championship for womens firstly held in Kolhapur,Maharashtra backk in 1961.The tournaments also follows the league cum knockout format and there are 8 zones.

                       School Championships

The school champonships with the popularity of others sports increasing day by day. KKFI (The KHO KHO FEDRATION OF INDIA) needs to promote the sports of kho ho at school level . Categories of that event is U-14 U-17 and U-19 for both boys and girls .

                     AWARDS FOR KHO-KHO

JANAKI AWARD:Kho-kho Awards for girls players under age of 18.This award for outstanding performance.

ABHIMANYU AWARDS: Kho-kho boys player under age of 18 is hounered by Veer Abhimanyu Award for extraordinary performance.

ARJUN AWARDS:Arjun awars for those who have outstanding achievements in Kho-Kho Nartional sports.